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20. Mai 2020

#28 Susan B. Glasser, what three words describe Trump’s Washington?

Susan B. Glasser is a correspondent in Washington, DC for The New Yorker. In my interview with her she talks about the brave new world we’re living in right now. She explains how the coronavirus pandemic is “the ultimate clarifying moment,” shining a spotlight on the weaknesses of American society – and of those leading the country.

Susan is known for her weekly column "Letter from Trump's Washington." A selection of her articles has now been published as a German-language book by Weltkiosk under the title "Briefe aus Trumps Washington."

She was born in the late 1960s in Montclair, a township in New Jersey, and graduated from Harvard University. Her parents are founders of a weekly legal newspaper and publishing company, and her grandfather supervised the field trials for the polio vaccine. She has been married to Peter Baker, Chief White House correspondent for The New York Times, for 20 years now. You may know her from the Washington Post, where she spent a decade covering the Clinton impeachment and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. She also served as Moscow co-bureau chief and is an expert on Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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