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Photo of Chelsea Spieker and Neal Tilghman
10. Dezember 2019

#7 Neal Tilghman, how do opioid addicts get back on their feet?

After last week’s episode with journalist Beth Macy about the opioid epidemic in the United States, we’re now hearing about the people directly affected - and what their best chance of recovery is. Millions of Americans have slid into drug addiction because they were prescribed opioid-based pain medication. 

Addiction is a disease

In order to help them, we need to accept that opioid addiction is a disease and that people struggling with it deserve help. That’s what Neal Tilghman says. He is General Manager of Behavioral Health & Addiction Treatment at Netsmart, a Kansas-based company in the healthcare industry. Neal knows first-hand what victims need, what needs to happen on the political front - and how we all can help.


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