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Photo of Chelsea Spieker and Andrew Ridker
17. Dezember 2019

#8 Andrew Ridker, where does self-interest end and altruism begin?

This year Andrew Ridker has emerged as a true sensation among American authors. He published his first book this past spring. Critics are dazzled; five-star ratings keep rolling in from the general public. Gary Shteyngart, author of “Lake Success” calls the book "super brilliant, super funny."

Photo of Chelsea Spieker and Andrew Ridker

Baby-boomers vs. millennials 

“The Altruists” is a story about a family: The father tries to win back his son and daughter after years of no contact. It is a witty, playful study of the way the baby-boomer generation struggles with the disconnect with the millennial generation - and vice versa of course - while at the same time giving you room to reflect on yourself and your own family. 


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