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Photo of Chelsea Spieker and interview partner Beverly Seebach looking into the camera with illustrated The Americans logo behind them.
05. November 2019

#2 Beverly Seebach, how crucial is the expat vote?

This week’s episode of “The Americans” takes a closer look at the US presidency from a different perspective: geographically speaking. There are millions of Americans living abroad - who still care about what’s going on back home.

With presidential elections coming up a year from now, a handful of the few thousand Democrats living in Germany are volunteering their free time to be an active part of politics in their home country.

Could expats tip the scales in the vote 2020?

Beverly Seebach is one of them - and she’s doing all she can to make sure Donald Trump will not be spending another four years in the White House. Seebach is an American and an aerospace industry manager who has been living in Germany for over 30 years. She also volunteers her time to run communications for the German chapter of the Democrats Abroad - the official arm of the Democratic Party for Americans living overseas.

So this week we’re talking about elections and presidency, about impeachment and whistleblowers - and about what it’s like for an American living in Germany.


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